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Working on a new scarf
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I am now working on a new scarf! We'll see how long this one takes me.  I'm using the single crochet method to make it.  I'm kind of excited about it b/c the last scarf I made was for fall of last year, 2008.  So really, it was last summer that I was working on one.  I don't like to be constantly doing stuff like knitting, crocheting or cross-stiitch, but when its spaced out enough I really enjoy it and it can be kind of therapeutic, you know what I mean?  Well, you fellow crochet/knitters might know what I mean anyway. :)  So far I only have like 4-5 rows done, but then again, i just stared this morning! lol.  Anyway, that's all for now, I'll talk to you all laterz :)



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