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Car Accident
wedding, marriage
So I was involved in an auto-accident, about 2 days ago.  Not much to say about that except that by the grace of God I walked away unharmed, even though my vehicle was totaled and incurred over $12,000.00 in damages.  Thank God to that no other individuals were involved, just myself and my dog Cole, who also walked away unharmed.  This happened on my way to work Wed. morning of the 25th of February.  I did end up side-swiping a telephone pole, knocking over a sign, hitting a guard rail fence, clipping the back tail light of a parked car (no one was in the car) and then ended up in the ditch.  Pretty bad, yeah.  But fortunately I have good insurance which will cover it.  I just have a $250.00 deductible.

So, lesson in all this... don't take anything (or anyone) for granted, b/c you just never know what the next day is going to bring!

Puts a whole new spin on my username here, doesn't it.

Working on a new scarf
wedding, marriage
I am now working on a new scarf! We'll see how long this one takes me.  I'm using the single crochet method to make it.  I'm kind of excited about it b/c the last scarf I made was for fall of last year, 2008.  So really, it was last summer that I was working on one.  I don't like to be constantly doing stuff like knitting, crocheting or cross-stiitch, but when its spaced out enough I really enjoy it and it can be kind of therapeutic, you know what I mean?  Well, you fellow crochet/knitters might know what I mean anyway. :)  So far I only have like 4-5 rows done, but then again, i just stared this morning! lol.  Anyway, that's all for now, I'll talk to you all laterz :)


Stupid Heartland
wedding, marriage
I know you're probably thinking that I am talking about some part of the United States, or America as a whole, but no.

The Heartland that I am referring to is a merchant processing company that holds highly sensitive information such as card #'s for individual's credit/debit cards.  As the following link explains, that company was breached.  They did not complete an update to their systems as they were supposed to, therefore hackers were able to get in and obtain access to over 2500 card numbers.

Here is the link:


And of course, I found out today that both Jay (my husband) and my card were among those numbers the hackers obtained.

So what does this mean?  Well, it means that Jay and I cut off our cards that were compromised and will get new ones, but it still sucks to be a victim, know what i mean?

that's all, i'll post more later.

in Christ,


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