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Stupid Heartland
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I know you're probably thinking that I am talking about some part of the United States, or America as a whole, but no.

The Heartland that I am referring to is a merchant processing company that holds highly sensitive information such as card #'s for individual's credit/debit cards.  As the following link explains, that company was breached.  They did not complete an update to their systems as they were supposed to, therefore hackers were able to get in and obtain access to over 2500 card numbers.

Here is the link:

And of course, I found out today that both Jay (my husband) and my card were among those numbers the hackers obtained.

So what does this mean?  Well, it means that Jay and I cut off our cards that were compromised and will get new ones, but it still sucks to be a victim, know what i mean?

that's all, i'll post more later.

in Christ,


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